The Black Side

Do Something before it gets bigger !


It is true Social Media is great and has made our life easier in terms of communication and interaction among people.Thanks to Social Software ; No matter how far you are , or what time zone you have, reaching each other is easier than ever.

However, some issues have been main concerns about Social Media and its impact on individuals and societies.

Some argued that Social Media tools such as Facebook, has affected our life and even worse it will affect more the new generation’s life . Nowadays, people tend to communicate virtually more than in person even though they live in the same place. Yes it sounds funny when you text your brother or sister who lives next room to you, as a matter of fact , this is a major issue that has affected us and will keep affected next generation if we stand aside and do nothing.

This is a comment by Suemayah that I found in one of my previous posts:  

“It is a great thing to have the capability of reaching people whenever we want with the touch of a button. The world is shrinking but in my opinion, it is kind of sad in a way. Many people rely on social networks to communicate. Think about it for a while,whenever you are in a family gathering,almost everyone is holding their smartphones using (social networks) and that takes away the point of gathering ! Everything has its pros and cons

What I concluded from the above comment, is that social media is beneficial in the sense of Socializing and globalization as well as for firms in terms of business, but if you look on individual cases it is not always; as it might not always be beneficial locally, as it is suggested it might affect some cultures like the way people interact has been changed due to adopting social media as a way of communication.

In some conservative societies where interaction between males and females are limited and in most cases is prohibited , the existing of social media is deemed to be a threat for their society  as known there is no much control on social media usage . For example you might control and limit any interactions between males and females within your society in schools, streets , cafes, clubs etc…  but among social media, you are loosing the control; as an authority, you can not chase up the dating websites or a social network where millions of people meet and make relationships. Even if the authority keeps blocking websites and other social media tools, there still a problem for them due to the high growing number of social software.

Thus, social Media has its benefits and merits to us which makes it a great thing  in our life, and it has a negative impact in our life as well, which makes it a threat somehow in our life.


4 thoughts on “The Black Side

  1. I think social Media has a lot of benefits but you should not take it too seriously and treat it as way to unwind to lessen the negative impact in our life

    live life and smile Prudential Life

  2. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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